It’s sad and scary that the gaming community still isn’t a safe place for women and girls.

Safe? Safe from what? People saying things you don’t like? People being mean? People being competitive?

Did someone rape your dog via video game? Did anyone find out where you live off x box and come burn your fucking house down?

Tell me… outside of “all dem feelz” what is UNSAFE about gaming for women?

And as far as Zoe Quinn goes… If the head of Sony went down and personally sucked the dick of every game reviewer at kotaku it’d be news and you sure as shit wouldn’t be defending them. There woukd be a worldwide fucking furor.

So spare us all your self pity.

My race isn’t ever available in character creation games.


people saying zero suit samus’ redesign is too sexy/not badass


people complaining about zero suit samus’ jet boots


people complaining about zero suit samus’ redesign in general


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This is half of my dashboard sometimes fuck
Anonymous: So... Gaston thinks that the shooting could have been somewhat justified albeit tragic? Is that what I'm hearing or am I misunderstanding?





That’s exactly what I’m saying

Brown clearly robbed a store and threatened the owner mere minutes before the shooting toke place. 




Clearly showing he is violent, and an incredibly large person at about 6’4” and 300lbs. 

One of the witnesses was admittedly the other person in the video, and was assisting Brown in stealing the cigars.  Hardly a credible witness due to his bias from his affiliation with the victim. 

According to the autopsy all of the shots were to the front of Brown’s body, ruling out the other witness who claimed he was shot running away. 

The cop was shown to have damages done to his face from where brown struck him in the initial struggle. 

Police confirm injuries cop suffered during confrontation with Michael Brown. Lends further credibility to his side of the story versus the multiple versions of other supposed witnesses

This is a video recording of two people who witnessed the shooting. In the discussion it is clearly stated Brown fled from the car, then immediately turned and charged at the cop. The exact same story that the cop gave. And this would explain the number of rounds fired, he shot until Brown stopped charging. And the spread of the shots, since it was rapid fire on a moving target. And the round fired in the top of the head, and out the neck. Brown started falling forward during his charge from the previous shots. 

Wow. Oh my god. Why haven’t I seen this before?

Tumblr doesn’t deal in facts. And there has been some new information recently as well. Namely the eye witness claiming he was shot execution style being proven wrong by forensics, and the angle of bullet entry ruling out that he had his hands up facing the cop as well. I’l probably get to making a legit thing about it tomorrow.


Me when i pick the wrong waifu